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The Community Cure
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New York Times best-selling author Dr. Mark Hyman said: “Everyone in healthcare should read this book.
  • Imagine if there was a single, elegant solution to the biggest challenges facing healthcare: chronic disease, escalating costs, physician shortages, care access and affordability, physician burnout, loneliness, and mental health.
  • In his second book, James Maskell shows how community—specifically group medical visits—can help us solve these challenges. A supportive community provides the context for ongoing healthy behaviors, key to reversing chronic illness. By advocating for and facilitating group visits, those who are passionate about health transformation can shift the collective focus to prevention and root cause resolution.
  • The Community Cure is a comprehensive guide to group visits: how they originated, what they are, how to run them, how to avoid pitfalls and overcome challenges, best practices for launching and facilitating a group visit, as well as online and digital tools for ongoing support. This training manual empowers administrators, CEOs, staff, and healthcare providers to activate the future of medicine.
“Community is the most powerful force to transform health. Medicine has been slow to adapt to this reality, but now solutions are at hand. Everyone in healthcare should read this book.”

Head of Strategy and Innovation, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine
 "I have been forced to recognize what James Maskell has been declaring for years: we heal faster, deeper, and more easefully in the group setting."

NYT Best Selling Author and Holistic Psychiatrist

“In my research, I have come to understand loneliness and social isolation as a key driver of chronic disease, and this book provides a real solution to address this growing epidemic.”

NYT Best Selling Author, Founder, Whole30

Here’s A Preview Of What You’ll Learn 
In This Game-Changing Book:
  • Chapter 1: A Cure For Loneliness showcases pioneers in the field who realized that loneliness was the root cause, and that by treating people in groups, significant improvements could happen rapidly.
  • Chapter 2: The Doubts reveals the factors that have held back practitioners and system from getting into group care, like privacy, finances and effectiveness with real life examples of success from across healthcare.
  • Chapter 3: The Mentors presents the leaders in the field who have not only pioneered functional medicine group visits, but helped others follow in their tracks by creating tools, research and education for others.
  • Chapter 4: The Challenges provides an overview of the things that can go wrong when starting to deliver care in groups and how to best overcomes them. We draw on the collective wisdom of experts with decades of facilitation experience.
  • Chapter 5: The Transformation gives examples of areas in medicine where group delivered care has already transformed the delivery of care, from PTSD to cardiology, drawing on leaders in the field.
  • Chapter 6: Your Roadmap for Group Visits is a step by step guide to planning, advocating for, launching and marketing your groups visit, including resources from some of the large medical organizations already running groups.
  • Chapter 7: Our Collective Future gives you a roadmap for the future on how group delivered care will evolve using technology and spreading beyond health systems to new niches and delivery systems.
  • Conclusion: The Community Cure is a unified thesis for maximizing health span and minimizing cost by integrative groups into a new way of delivering care. This draws on 15 years experience of the author.